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Axco Adhesive Systems acquires Applicator Systems


Oxnard, California, August 9, 2012 - Axco Adhesive Systems Company, Inc. announced today the successful acquisition of Applicator Systems, Inc.

Applicator Systems, located in Sand City, California, is a leading manufacturer of high quality electrically heated hoses, hot melt hoses, custom hoses for unique applications, and heated hose accessories.

“Applicator Systems manufactures quality hoses that are compatible with most hot melt systems on the market today, also specializing in electrically heated hoses, designed and built to meet precise engineering specifications. We welcome the addition of Applicator Systems’ product line. It is a perfect complement for Axco, and will enable us to better serve the industry,” said Robert W. Regan, President of Axco Adhesive Systems.

Axco has offered high quality hot melt and cold glue systems for packaging and product assembly operations, worldwide, for 40 years. The addition of the Applicator Systems’ hot melt hose manufacturing capability, enables Axco to offer complete hot melt systems, manufactured solely in the United States. With the acquisition of Applicator Systems, Axco expects to dramatically expand its distributor network domestically and globally. Distributor inquiries will be welcomed.

Axco can be found online at www.axco.com.

Inquiries can be directed to:
Kathy Mirabelli
(805) 604-0206