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About Us

Axco Adhesive Systems HQ

Incorporated since 1974, Axco continues to serve our customers on six continents
worldwide with quality products and exceptional service.

A new generation of Axco employees will be joining forces with our established work
force (average 15 years service), to offer the kind of quick service and reliable, quality
products with which you have been accustomed.

During the past four years, we have added adhesives to our widening list of products
available. Most hot melt and cold glue products are stocked in our Southern California
warehouses, while others may be drop-shipped when convenient to reduce shipping costs.
New and reconditioned hot melt application equipment have been provided by Axco
from its inception, and now we offer cold glue systems, and engineered gluing systems
for PUR, as well as other specialty applications.

We encourage our customers and prospects to visit our sales and service center, just north
of Los Angeles.

Please let us know, and we will roll out the red carpet!

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Bob Regan
Axco Adhesive Systems Co., Inc.