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Bulk Melt Units

New bulk adhesive supply units are available from Axco and our preferred suppliers for many packaging and for many product assembly applications. We can configure the proper hot melt system for your needs - utilizing the most efficient and economical components. All factory warranties apply.

  • Axco 55 Gallon Drum Unloader
    Axco 55 Gallon Drum Unloader
    Features and benefits: Digital temperature setting & displayMinimize material charring with accurate temperature setting High performance meltingDaring’s unique platen design for all the melting power you require...

  • Axco 5 Gallon Pail Unloader
    Axco 5 Gallon Pail Unloader
    Features & Benefits: Digital temperature setting and display Accurately controlling the temperature gives you less cleanup and lowers maintenance cost Precise P.I.D. temperature sensing Faster warm up time gets you to...