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Reconditioning Process

Thank you for your interest in Axco's hot melt machine reconditioning process. 

We completely disassemble the hot melt machine.  The tank is cleaned thoroughly, sandblasted, then coated with one coat of Teflon primer, then three coats of Teflon 2, the abrasion resistant coating.
All of the covers are cleaned completely and painted, or replaced.  The pump is completely reconditioned with new seals, o-rings and metal parts as necessary. All of the internal electrical parts are tested, and replaced when necessary.
Next the unit is assembled, using new parts in many areas.  New fuses are always used.  When completely assembled, the unit is tested with hot melt for one day.  The remaining hot melt is drained out of the tank, and the hot melt machine is ready for shipment.  You will find a small amount of hot melt is the bottom of each Axco reconditioned hot melt machines.  This is an inconsequential amount left over from the test.
Because of the thoroughness of the reconditioning, and the extensive test process, Axco's success ratio for this equipment is reflected by the large number of customers who reorder from us again and again.